Money Freedom Talk: That was my story six years ago when I went on a self-inflicted punishment after being almost $100,000 in debt and filing for bankruptcy.  I thought that the world would disown me because of my decision to get out of the pain of debt.  Trust me the calls stopped but I wore the scar for many years until I had to make a choice to heal my money story so that I could finally thrive as an entrepreneur.
Money Freedom Talk:  I bet you are wondering how in the world you will get your family to support your dreams after falling into a cycle of debt. You may have an existing business or dream of starting one soon. I had the heart to heart talk with my family and made plans to adjust our spending habits to make it work. It was not easy. I had to tell the truth about my money.  We all had the moments of wondering if it was really worth the LABOR. My family is my biggest support system.  Money freedom will allow you to have more time with your family if you deal with your past; therefore, they benefit from your work.
Money Freedom Talk:  I know story all too well.  When I started my business in 2003 I told myself that I would figure it out on my own.  Seven years later I found myself filing for bankruptcy because of a lack of structure and insight from people who understood business.  It was not until I humbled myself and started investing in my business growth that my money flowed with ease and I had a solid foundation for growth.  I absolutely know that I could have shaved years off of the learning process had I invested sooner. Get creative and find the money that you need so that you can grow.
Money Freedom Talk: No one wants to spend a huge amount of time away from their family. 13 years ago I would leave my home before the sun came up and arrive home late at night. That was not money or time freedom. I missed important milestones at school and daycare. I missed being the mom that I wanted to be. It was my goal to bring my skills home and create a business that would allow me to spend the time with my family and continue to have the income that we needed. Money Freedom allows me to spend valuable time with my husband and 6 children.

It’s time for MONEY FREEDOM!

Your dream of entrepreneurship should not be trumped by your pain of your money story.  You are not defined by your past.  You are a brilliant woman entrepreneur that has the guts to serve the world but you are falling short because you’re your relationship with money.  If you are sick and tired of living the story that you tell yourself and you are ready to heal your money so that you can price and position yourself for powerful profits we need to connect.

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Are you ready for Money Freedom in your business and life?  Maybe you have been in business for a while but you are STUCK at five figures and you know that your money story is holding you and your profit hostage.  You are ready to face your truth and heal your money so that you can position yourself for Powerful Profits.

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